Update on North Carolina family taking refuge in Kentucky after Hurricane Florence

Earlier this week we told you about a family who was staying in a tent at Barren River Lake State Resort Park, after Hurricane Florence forced them to evacuate their home in North Carolina.

WNKY’s Cecilia Herrell spoke with the family today to get an update.

When we first spoke to the Thompson family just a few days ago, the family and their dogs were staying in a tent after they were forced to leave their North Carolina home.

For the five adults, five children, and three dogs… a tent became their refuge.

Since their story exclusively aired on our broadcast, the family says dozens of people have reached out to help.

“It’s been amazing. We have gotten more help than we could have imagined.” says Michael Thompson.

One man even rented a cottage at the park for the family to stay in for a week.

“We love the people here. We talk about them every time someone brings us stuff it’s the same conversation of, there’s a lot of nice people here in Kentucky!” says Lauren Slagter, the mother.

Not only does the family have a cool place to stay now, they also received food, clothing, gift cards, dog supplies, and toys for the kids.

“I feel happy and shocked because we have a lot of food, we have entertainment, and clothes to wear." says Kayden Thompson, their 11-year-old son. 

Their daughter, Leila is thankful for the outpouring of kindness from complete strangers.

“It feels good that other people actually watch the news and see that they can help out.  It’s good that they know they can do something and help out each other.” says Leila Thompson, their 13-year-old daughter. 

While the family is grateful for the support, their future remains uncertain.

Michael recently received pictures of their home submerged in water and it’s still rising.

Like many others in the area, the Thompson family doesn’t have home owner’s insurance, so they will have to start over once they are able to return.

“Everything we have is under the water. It’s above the windows, so everything we have is gone.” adds Michael.

Unfortunately, everything in their home will have to be disposed of since flood waters contain sewage and other waste.

The family will not be leaving Kentucky just yet and is still asking for your support.

Here is how you can help:

Donate money:


Location for any food & supply donations:

Cottage #511 at Barren River Lake State Resort Park

1149 State Park Rd, Lucas, Kentucky

Contact Michael Thompson for any other donation questions:

Cell: (910) 218-6070 

Original story that aired on 9/18/18: