Update on surviving animals, house fire that killed 70 pets

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Details are still developing on a fire that killed dozens of pets in Bowling Green on Easter morning.

The house on the corner of Vine and 10th that caught fire is still standing despite the loss it endured. After the fire broke out, at least 70 animals died, including 22 dogs and 48 cats.

Director of Neighborhood & Community Services Brent Childers says the animals inside the home had been well taken care of with no real causes for concern.

The city’s Animal Protection Department says it never had a problem with the homeowners and that it had known about the pets’ living situation for some time. Due to the degree of care the owner gave the animals, there were no actions to be taken.

Ronnie Ward, public information officer for the Bowling Green Police Department, said there is no ordinance for the amount of pets in a residence.

Unfortunately, not every animal saved has survived, but still remaining are three kittens in foster care, one adult cat in vet care and a dog and cat returned home to the owner.