Unemployment Uncertainty: Help Is On The Way, But When?

Millions of Americans suddenly without a job due to coronavirus closures are left wondering if and when they'll return to work. NBC's Dan Scheneman reports.

WASHINGTON (NBC News) — Help is on the way for businesses and workers hit hard by coronavirus closures, following the passage of a $2.2 trillion relief bill, but many are still asking when it will arrive.

“I feel like my anxiety is at an all time high right now,” Kaleigh Herold says.

Herold, a massage therapist, was furloughed after her employer closed its doors almost two weeks ago.

She has filed for federal unemployment benefits and is waiting for her cut of the stimulus money.

“I need that money, I have bills to pay,” Herold says.

Those bills will keep coming for individuals and businesses despite the nationwide shutdown.

“There will be some businesses that don’t return from this, it’s just too big of a financial blow,” warns Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., CEO of Society for Resource Management, “but the overwhelming majority of businesses will come back as consumer demand returns.”

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