UAW votes to authorize strike

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The United Auto Workers have voted to authorize a strike against General Motors for what they consider fair wages.

The strike vote passed by nearly 98 percent, and if put into play by UAW international, members will walk off the job beginning Sept. 16.

These members include workers at the local GM Corvette Assembly Plant. 

UAW bargaining chairman Jason Watson said there should be a payoff for employees who took pay-cuts during the 2008 recession and still aren’t making a full wage and full benefits compared to more recently hired employees. 

“Another issue with the Union is that the company continues to make products that are not in America. That is a major sticking point with the Union is that if we don’t have product to make here in this country that are bought by people in this country, then what is the tradeoff,” Watson said.

UAW local president Jack Bowers said their local branch has everything ready and organized for a potential strike. 

GM declined to comment on the record.