U.S. Congressman James Comer speaks out after a trip to the southern border

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-United States Congressman James Comer took a trip to the southern border to see the immigration crisis firsthand.

Congressman Comer led the trip with 10 of his colleagues in the house oversight committee. This trip was made to hear from border patrol agents and local residents and to address concerns they had on the crisis.

Congressman Comer and his colleagues went and saw where construction of the border wall had stopped. According to Comer, the border patrol agents and residents had the same thoughts when it came to completing construction of the wall.

Comer spoke to WNKY on his personal reactions to seeing the crisis up close and personal, saying he hopes things make a change for the better.

“Seeing it up close and personal and listening to the stories of the local residents, the fears that they have because of the drug cartel crossing back and forth like it’s a normal thing. To hear the stories of the human smuggling that has crossed the border. This is a national crisis, and the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris haven’t set foot in the border and haven’t come up with a plan, it’s a terrible act of leadership on behalf of our president and vice president right now,” Comer said.

Comer said he spent 15 hours at the southern border during this trip.