Two new buses to roll in Simpson County

FRANKLIN Ky.- The Simpson County School District purchased two new buses to be used next school year.

They were purchased for a little over $91,000 each. The budget was approved during a school board meeting Nov. 19, along with new Chromebooks.

Every year, the Simpson County School District purchases two new buses, replacing the two oldest buses each time. It’s done to make sure students have the safest and most up to date means of transportation possible.

The Simpson County School District director of transportation Craig Delk said he’s glad to keep this trend going.

“It’s just a nice opportunity to keep our students safe, and to keep our drivers in an efficient bus that’s newer and keeps our fleet up to date. It’s a nice investment that our board is willing to make,” Delk said.

The school district sells the old replaced buses each time new ones come in.