Tulsa To Remove “Black Lives Matter” Street Painting

City attorney admits the street mural was painted without a permit after the issue was raised by the Tulsa County Republican Party chairman. KJRH's Vincent Hill reports.

TULSA, Okla. (KJRH/NBC News) — A Black Lives Matter street painting in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s historic Greenwood District will soon be removed.

The Tulsa City Council made the determination Wednesday after the city attorney admitted the mural, put in place as part of Juneteenth celebrations, was done without a permit.

The debate started last week when Bob Jack, Chairman of the Tulsa Republican Party, emailed his city councilor about painting a Back the Blue mural.

Jack said he wanted to know the procedure, but admits it was a rhetorical question. He said he was already aware the city had no set process regarding street paintings.

During the council meeting, Tulsa City attorney David O’Meilia said paintings on city streets are only allowed for safety reasons, like crosswalks or yield signs. O’Meilia also said allowing one group to paint messages on the street means everyone would be able to do so.

Jack said he is not against the Black Lives Matter mural, but it should not be done on a city street.

“An appropriate manner is go on your building, go on your property,” Jack said. “Go someplace that is not public property and voice your opinion.”

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