Troopers ask for funds to buy more bears

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Today is national Teddy Bear Day and Kentucky State Police are celebrating with a fund raiser for their Trooper Teddy program.

Tuesday, KSP held a drive asking for $5 donations from 500 people in order to raise $2,500.

By Tuesday afternoon, they had already raised over $3,000 for the teddy bear program.

The purpose of the bears is to help a child cope during a traumatic experience such as a car crash, an abuse situation or a terminal illness.

KSP troopers give these stuffed friends to children they encounter on the job to bring a little piece of calm to the storm they are facing.

“When we get in contact with kids a lot of times it’s the worst day of their life, so just to be able to give them something to help reduce their stress in a traumatic situation may be just a little bit of help, may be just what they need to help them deal with the situation that they are in,” said Post 3 Trooper Daniel Priddy.

The troopers are always accepting donations for the Trooper Teddy program.

If interested, you can go to