TopperHacks gives students a chance to showcase work

GLASGOW Ky.-Students in the Barren County School District gathered to showcase some of their technology work at an event called, TopperHacks.

The event every student enrolled in technology related classes showcase what they’ve learned to a group of judges. This involved all grades from all Barren County schools in the district.

While there, the students also put their skills to the test by writing computer code to create logos, all while on a time limit.

TopperHacks is a partnership between Barren County Skills and an app creator called AppFire.  A representative from AppFire said he’s impressed.

“They’ve hopped right in and taken to it. It’s really promising and honestly inspiring to know that a community like Barren County is flourishing,” said AppFire marketing specialist Cody Wooten.

These students also made an appearance at the Barren County family coding event at Barren County High School.