Throwback Thursday – The Price Building

The Price Building sits on the corner of State Street and 10th Avenue in downtown Bowling Green. Now it’s recognized as the United Furniture building just off Fountain Square, but this corner could tell lots of stories. We’re going back to 1898 when the original building was constructed.

The McCormack Building was a feat of modern ingenuity at the turn of the 20th century. At four stories high, it was the tallest building in Bowling Green. It’s no wonder it supported the Bowling Green Business University during its inaugural years.

But tragedy struck in July of 1911 when a fire destroyed the building and reduced it to rubble. Photos from the Western Kentucky University archives show the billowing smoke that rose across the entire downtown landscape and the skeleton of a structure left by the fire.

But citizens were resilient, rebuilding immediately. The Price Building was opened in 1912, and a series of businesses have called it home ever since. There was a grocery store and bowling alley at one point, but perhaps the two most famous businesses still around are C.D.’s Drugstore and United Furniture.

C.D.’s Drugstore had more than half a dozen Warren County locations during its heyday. The first store was in the Price Building, and it served as a soda fountain and hangout spot. United Furniture was opened in 1946 and has been family-owned and operated ever since. Its third generation of hometown customer service has kept it running for nearly 75 years.

The Price Building made the news last week when a portion of its back wall collapsed. There were no injuries. It will be repaired and rebuilt, just as the building was over 100 years ago.