Throwback Thursday – The Haunted War Memorial Hospital

Every October, we like to feature a couple of thrilling and chilling stories on Throwback Thursday. This week we’re visiting Scottsville in Allen County, sharing a few moments from the Allen County War Memorial Hospital, one of the area’s most infamous haunted spots. 

According to the Abandoned Collections told by Sherman Cahal, the hospital was constructed in the late 1940s after WWII and run by the county government. War Memorial Hospital officially opened on July 2, 1952 with 31 patient beds. The hospital operated for just over 42 years, when it was purchased by The Medical Center in Bowling Green. However, within three years, the Medical Center had moved to another location. The hospital sat abandoned and vacant for over a decade.

Locals retold the legends of unusual and strange occurrences that happened at the hospital over the years. Whether it be noises of crying babies when none were in the room, objects being moved from room to room without explanation, or eerie feelings in a room a patient died in, the hospital became the area’s most haunted attraction. More haunting details can be found in William Lynwood Montel’s book, Haunted Houses & Family Ghosts of Kentucky, which is set in the hospital and filled with firsthand accounts from former hospital staff and patients.

In fact, some locals even turned the haunted hospital into an annual Halloween event for several years, offering tours and scares during the month of October. All that changed in 2019 when the hospital went under renovation to become the new War Memorial Apartments, and is now offering housing for low-income veterans.