Throwback Thursday – Neon Nostalgia at the Downing Museum

This week we’re back at the Downing Museum on Morgantown Road. One of Bowling Green’s scenic, hidden gems, the Downing Museum and Baker Arboretum are havens for nature and art. The museum’s newest exhibit features Bowling Green nostalgia.

Bowling Green-native Marlee Jones has been creating art for more than a decade. With artists as parents, she grew up surrounded by inspiration. Her latest work uniquely features the history of Bowling Green, capturing its small town feel and southern vibe.

Marlee Jones has created several prints that tell the story of old Bowling Green through neon signs and well-known spots. Called “Neon Nostalgia,” the art exhibit is on display at the Downing Museum now through the end of April.

Visitors will notice familiar pieces featuring some of the most memorable hotspots in town from bygone days. Remember the Spot Cash Store in downtown Bowling Green on Main Street? Or the Clark’s soda fountain off the 31-W Bypass? The Cardinal Motel still sits on what used to be the main highway.

Artist Marlee Jones uses her personal experiences in addiction recovery for inspiration, finding solace in these small town signs and buildings that make Bowling Green her home. These historic markers bring a sense of peace and calm in an ever-changing world.

She highlights the grit and imperfections in her prints, giving them an even more vintage feel. There’s something about that hometown feel of the old days that invokes creativity. While the places the neon signs stood for may be gone, the nostalgia is not.

Check the Downing Museum’s website and social media for exhibit hours.