Throwback Thursday – Murrell House Stagecoach Stop

Before the days of train travel, people took stagecoaches to reach their destination. Two hundred years ago, one of the most famous stagecoach stops in Warren County was right here on Louisville Road. This stop tells stories related to some of the most famous names in American history.

About eight miles north of Bowling Green sits the Samuel Murrell house. Built in 1841, the house was a pit stop on Louisville-Nashville road for stagecoach travelers. Stages would stop here and offer overnight lodging for weary guests after a long day on the dusty, bumpy line. Stagecoach travel was not always in ideal conditions, as it heavily depended on weather and daylight hours, the horses, and rugged terrain was rough on carriage wheels. The house functioned as an inn until the L&N Railroad was complete in 1859. 

The homestead has a deeper American history, as it was the former home of Susannah Henry Madison, the sister of patriot Patrick Henry. Patrick Henry is most famously known for his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech at the Virginia House of Burgesses on the topic of independence from British rule before the American Revolution. 

Susannah Henry Madison moved from Virginia to Warren County in her later years to be near her daughter. She passed away here and was buried in Smiths Grove cemetery. Her log cabin still sits behind the Murrell house on the property and is now a private residence.

The historic marker telling the Murrell house story was erected by the Kentucky Historical Society in 1976 and sits in front of the main house.