Throwback Thursday – A 1981 Weekend in Bowling Green

The year is 1981—exactly 40 years ago. Throwback Thursday is ready for the weekend in Bowling Green. What’s happening and where’s everyone going? 

General Motors moved its Corvette assembly plant here from St. Louis this year. This town’s really going to take off, now. Greenwood Mall just opened three years ago, and its movie theatre shows six films at once. The Martin Twinplex at the “old” Bowling Green Mall on Campbell Lane has late midnight shows too.

Friday nights are for pizza, but there’s so many choices—Mister D’s pizza, Domino’s, Godfather’s, Happy Joe’s, Pizza Hut and more. Or maybe we want the buffet at The Sizzler—they’ve got a two-platter deal. Or there’s the Ponderosa Steakhouse’s sirloin date night?

The gang can meet up at the Greenwood Skating Rink on Three Sprigs Road later. But Mariah’s restaurant has a Friday night happy hour and live music with a really good band tonight—I heard they’re entering the Battle of the Bands contest that WBGN radio is putting on later this year at Smith Stadium. If you’re feeling lucky, we could enter tonight’s dance contest at the Kona Kai Disco Lounge at the Holidome.

Let’s sleep in on Saturday morning and head to the new Rafferty’s restaurant for brunch. They’ve got sparkling drinks and breakfast for lunch. Then I need to make a couple returns at J.C. Penney’s and Castner Knott. I’ve got to grab some new cassette tapes at The Record Bar. Let’s meet at Orange Julius after? We can always stop at the Corn Dog Factory or Peanut Shop for something salty instead.

On Sunday we’ll plot our next run to the Books & Buttons comic book store on the way to the Planetarium’s afternoon show. We hit the Sunday night salad bar at the Briar Patch restaurant as we wind down the weekend before the Monday blues. Don’t worry, Burt Reynolds’ new Cannonball Run is coming to the dollar theatre and the Capitol Arts Center is having a concert next weekend.