Throwback Thursday – 95 Years of WKU Student Publications, Part 2: Talisman

Throwback Thursday is back at the Student Publications office at Western Kentucky University. This is part two of the series celebrating 95 years of student-run media. This week we’re taking a look at the Talisman, the university’s yearbook.

The very first Talisman Editor was T.O. Hall in 1924. While the College Heights Herald provided campus news immediately as it happened, the Talisman was a once-a-year publication telling stories that captured student life and campus activities. Talisman has won more than 15 Pacemaker awards, the highest achievement a student-run publication can receive.

From 1996 to 2001, the Talisman was not published. It was reborn in 2002 and has been part of the changing media landscape at WKU ever since. 

Talisman features tend to be more in-depth than Herald stories given the nature of the different news mediums. Talisman student staff has more of a real-life magazine experience instead of the newspaper feel the Herald gives. Students learn the basic journalism skills together at Jody Richards Hall, and then put them to the test by researching and reporting real-life Bowling Green stories.

The Talisman was once a hardbound book printed like a yearbook annual, usually with a common theme represented throughout the publication. But given changes in media and the way people consume news, Talisman is now a semi-annual student lifestyle magazine and evolving website. 

Together, the Talisman and Herald are excellent examples of student-led media organizations. Providing campus news from different perspectives, together they tell the WKU story. 

Follow the Talisman social media for in-depth feature stories about WKU life. That does it for part two of this series.