Three major crimes in one month within half of a mile

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Neighbors are concerned for the safety of their neighborhood following a shooting over the weekend.

About one month ago, a man was shot to death on Audley Court.

Then, just over a week ago, two pounds of suspected methamphetamine was found inside a residence less than half a mile away from the shooting.

Now, just last Friday, Holden Heath, 19, died after being shot in an apartment on Torridge Avenue.

This murder marks the second murder in less than one month in the area.

“It’s a scary situation because up until here lately we hadn’t had a lot of crime and it had been a relatively quiet neighborhood,” said Adam Vance, lives nearby.

But the Bowling Green Police say these incidences are simply unfortunate coincidences.

“When you increase the population in an area, of course the crime is going to seemingly go up just because there are more people in that area, a more dense area,” said Officer Ronnie Ward, Bowling Green Police Department.

Police arrested Nathanael Navarez, who is accused of forcing himself into the apartment on Torridge Avenue and shooting Heath.

Officials say Navarez is charged with murder and first-degree burglary.

Residents of the area say the past month’s event have been out of the ordinary.

Bowling Green Police say the recent incidents are not indicative of rising crime percentages but of a growing city.

Ward also says these kinds of crimes can happen anywhere and the neighborhood is not believed to be an especially dangerous area.

Nevertheless, people living in the neighborhood say this past month has been frightening.

“I’ve never experienced this before. It’s just like, a real nightmare,” said Bentley Mead, a child living nearby.