Thousands of children in Kentucky are stuck in foster care

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-November is National Adoption Awareness Month, and one local agency is spreading the word about the thousands of children in Kentucky in need of family and a home.

Omni visions in Bowling Green works to place children in loving homes throughout South-Central Kentucky.

The agency specifically provides foster to adoption services for families, and all adoptions are free.

According to recent data provided by the Annie E. Casey foundation, there are just over 8,000 kids in foster care in Kentucky.

Those children range in age and demographic, but have one thing in common, the need for a consistent, loving home.

Though, according to a recruitment specialist at Omni, many parents are hesitant to foster or adopt.

“I think a lot of people have a lot of love to give and that tends to be their hold up. They don’t want to get into the system and have to help a child transition back home,” said Eric Wills.

Also according to Wills, in Kentucky children are remaining in foster care longer and older children are less likely to be adopted.