The Mint Gaming Hall opens location in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Mint Gaming Hall has officially opened up their second location in Bowling Green near the mall.

If you are a fan of the gaming at the Mint Gaming Hall in Franklin, then you might be happy to hear a second location has just opened up in Bowling Green.

The soft opening began Tuesday afternoon and will continue to remain open throughout the holiday weekend and beyond.

John Wholihan, the director of marketing, says this business will bring people to Bowling Green.

“We know where our people have spent money here during the construction and preparation. With local restaurants, stores, we’re near the mall, we’ve got some great neighbors right here between David’s Bridal going over to Bargain Hunt around the corner, The Pub, just all these types of places should see an increase just being our neighbor and the number of customers that will bring in that will recognize their places being here too,” said Wholihan.

While the entire inside is not fully completed, the games and bar are open.

Wholihan says the Mint coming to Bowling Green just brings their business closer to many of their customers.

“We are used to a certain customer base coming down to Kentucky Downs into Simpson County. We’re used to several of our team members, employees, working at Franklin Kentucky Downs also have been coming from this area. We have been involved in the community with the arts, with the ballpark, with different events, different charity work, Stuff the Bus, different things like that. So, we feel we get a little more traction actually having our business here too and not being one county over,” said Wholihan.

Locals and even visitors from out of state were in town visiting the new location today.

“It’s very nice. It’s our first time we’ve been here. We’ve been to every casino you can possibly imagine up one coasted and down the other and across the ocean. So, this is our first time here it’s very nice,” said Jerry Tice, a Bowling Green resident.

Wolihan says he expects the lounge and café to open up in the upcoming weeks.

The Bowling Green Mint location is still hiring as well.