The Lighthouse Restaurant wins best down-home restaurant for 5th year in a row

SULPHUR WELL, Ky. – What began as a “short order” restaurant quickly changed to southern family style meals, and now it has been voted the number one best non-franchised down-home restaurant in Kentucky.

The owner, Tammy Deckard, says, “We want people to feel at home when they come here. It’s a down-home restaurant. We have home cooking, and everybody tells us it reminds them of growing up going to their grandma’s house or their mom’s cooking…If we think about or talk about changing just a few little things people are like ‘please don’t change anything.’ That’s why we come there. We want to keep the restaurant alive and going as long as we can.”

The at-home feeling doesn’t just impact the customer- it also brightens up the workers as well.

“It’s great, some mornings you come, you’ re kind of dragging a little bit. Then the people start rolling in that you work with, you could be not in a bad mood, but you’re kinda down, and it’s not long before you just running around and hooping and hollering and getting the food out and having a good time,” says Carla Blair, a Lighthouse employee.

The freshly prepared all-you-can-eat family-style meals keep people from all over Kentucky coming back for more.

“Good service, good eating, good hospitality like a restaurant should be, and you don’t get near enough of that at any of the other restaurants,” says Hank Satterly, an out-of-town regular at The Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse is doing better than they thought they ever would.

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