The Kidz Club in Bowling Green steps up transportation effort

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- For children who need medical care during the day, facilities such as the Kidz Club are here to help. The issue? Transportation.

The Kidz Club, a pediatric medical day treatment facility in Bowling Green, is holding an open house where clients and potential clients can meet the people at the center. A topic that will be addressed is the transportation of children from Barren County to the Bowling Green facility, which has been a long-time goal.

“It’s literally been like a six-month process to try to get these kids from Barren County in here. We’re opening up another transportation route in our north Warren County area in Smiths Grove. We’re going to be able to have a lot more access to kiddos,” said Kidz Club charge nurse Katlyn Watt.

Community relations coordinator of the Kidz Club Savannah Mills said a distance barrier has existed for the families of Barren County for quite some time, and this newly added bus route is the key to getting the children the services they need.

“We’re actually taking our bus over there and picking up kiddos and bringing them back to the facility here. We’re trying to help remove the transportation barrier for a lot of families. A lot of families don’t have transportation into Bowling Green, but their children still need our services,” Mills said.

Parents have reached out about the transportation barrier, and the Kidz Club is ready for this new addition to the services on May 21, she said.

“We’re super excited for it to start because that barrier is just something that we’ve heard numerous times from families in our surrounding counties. We just want to help in some way get the services that the children need,” Mills said.