The impact weather has on the pumpkin harvest

South Union, Ky. – From seed to full-grown pumpkin, it’s a journey that is months in the making.

According to Chip Willingham, owner of Just Piddlin’ Farm, it takes about four months. He says they plant them in May and harvest them starting in September. And, it requires the perfect balance of sunshine, rain and warmth to get those pumpkins to grow. Farmers like Willingham depend on getting enough rain to help fruits like pumpkins grow to the right size for cooking and decorating.

But in any given year, the rainfall may be too much. Or, it may not be enough. Willingham says farms need a year of average rainfall for pumpkins to grow. He told News 40 rainfall fell behind earlier in the year until the area received rain from a hurricane. Picking up three or four inches of rain from the storm’s remnants helped.

And, if you think all pumpkins are the same, think again…Mother Nature gave us a variety of pumpkin types. Willingham said there are several varieties within the orange pumpkin family then more with the white and the yellow pumpkins.

A little “food for thought” the next time you sip on that pumpkin-flavored beverage.