The Historic Rail Park and Train Museum launches ‘Save the Depot’ campaign

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The Historic Rail Park and Train Museum has launched a unique campaign in hopes of securing their future with the help of the Bowling Green community.

The fundraising campaign “Save the Depot” kicked off on Thursday with the unveiling of a commemorative poster inspired by WWII propaganda. One commemorative poster created by Western University students will be unveiled each month.

The poster unveiled this month is a direct call to action featuring the iconic image of ‘Uncle Sam’ with his finger pointing at the audience. The poster reads, “I want you to save the L&N Depot, joins us in 2019.”

The Director, Jamie Johnson, says the community plays a huge role in keeping the doors open.

“The ‘Save the Depot’ campaign is a call out to the community to help us figure out a way to actually get the financial donations that we need to keep the depot here. Without the community pulling together we will not be able to keep the doors open, and within the next two years we could close,” said Johnson.

Johnson also says the campaign is a nod to the new “Railroads Go to War” exhibit that’s in the works for this fall. The posters will be on sale individually or all of them can be purchased together.