The Haven at Massey Springs offers chance for hospice residents to make a new friend

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At The Haven at Massey Springs, the residents are excited for the day. Why? They’re each receiving a little gift.

“We work alongside Pearl’s Memory Babies today. They brought in baby dolls for all the residents here at The Haven at Massey Springs. Each resident got a puppy or a baby doll to kind of love on and to provide comfort for them,” Nolly Brandon, Marketing Director for Hospice of Southern Kentucky says.

Females received a baby doll, while the males received a stuffed puppy to become their new best friend. One resident was so excited to meet his new best friend, he even started barking!

“Well, me and my friends have had some good laughing over them,” JL says.

And being there with his friends? Even better for Mr. JL!

“That’s good too. I had some good friends and everybody here today as far as I know is my friend,” he says.

Everyone loved to see the seniors’ faces when they met their new friend.

“It is truly just a blessing to see their eyes light up. The smiles, the laughing, the crying because it’s tears of joy. They love it; just to see them hold the babies and hold these stuffed animals and engage with them. They’re talking to them. They’re kissing and loving on them, providing so much comfort,” Brandon says.