The future of fitness

(NBC News) When the pandemic hit gyms across the country had to close.

That forced many to exercise outside or online.

Now, as gyms and studios reopen, they’re having to adjust.

“We’re really seeing the shift towards not only offering limited in-studio space where people can, but a strong shift to obviously delivering on demand in virtual classes” says Andy Swansburg of Transaction Services Global.

Still, many are working out more than ever.

A survey by found 25-percent of professionals are exercising more now than before the pandemic.

Those working from home are using time once earmarked for travel to work to train instead.

Gyms want those customers back.

Swansburg believes gyms will need to ease the concerns of customers in 2021.

Technology can help.

“A huge thing that we saw successful in our technology is being able to pick your spot,” he says. “A lot of the anxiety of just the ambiguity of what to expect when you walk in can be eliminated by some simple things, just knowing exactly where to go.”

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