The Franklin Story Slam

If you have a favorite story of a blunder and didn’t get a chance to tell it at February’s Franklin Story Slam, now’s your chance! Or, if you can weave a yarn about the birth of a person, an idea, a pet, or an insight, we challenge you to come to the mike and tell it in front of our friendly audience. Applause is guaranteed. If you want to just listen to stories, join us for a lively evening. If you want to be one in a long history of Kentucky storytellers, we can’t wait to hear from you. The rules: all stories must be true; must be five minutes or less; have a beginning, a middle and an end; and relate somehow to the night’s theme of either Blunders or Birthdays. Comedian Charlie McCoin returns as emcee along with special guest storyteller Allen Dyer who closes the evening. The Franklin Story Slam is open to participants age 16 and older. Tickets are $3.00 per person and limited to eighty seats. Tickets can be pre-purchased for cash, check or credit card at the Gallery on the Square in downtown Franklin. Tickets are non-refundable and all proceeds benefit the community via Gallery on the Square, 110 North Main Street, Franklin, 270-586-8055. Bring a friend or family member of a race or ethnicity different than your own and you both get in for half price!