The best linemen aren’t in the NFL

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- “We love our job. We do it cuz we love it,” said WRECC lineman Ryan Fazel.

The best linemen aren’t in the NFL. 

That’s what residents in Bowling Green have been saying about our linemen who helped restore power after the devastating tornadoes. 

“The day it hit we went out, and the first place I went to was up Louisville road. And when I went up Louisville Road I knew it was really bad, I had never seen any destruction like that in my life, I really thought we would be working for a month,” said Fazel.

But it didn’t take them a month. Working 20 hours the first day, and 16 hours every day after that, they had power restored to everyone within a week. 

That was 28,000 people. The residents didn’t let the linemen’s hard work go unnoticed. 

“It’s dark while we’re working of course, just the lights we got on. And you hear some rustling in the background, you’re kinda looking around trying to figure out what’s going on, someone just comes out of nowhere and hands you a pack of snacks, or water or something like that,” said WRECC lineman Nicholas Hudnall. 

But they say they do it just to help people, and expect nothing in return.

“You get up, you go through the storm coming into work and you work amongst your brothers, your family, keep each other safe. And there’s just something about it, I enjoy it deeply,” said Hudnall. 

“It fills your heart, there’s no feeling being able to help people in their time of need,” said Fazel.