Terry Train band performs in support of Mitch McConnell

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-In an effort to get U.S Senator Mitch McConnell reelected a musical group came to show support through rock and roll.

A band called Terry Train consisting of front man Randall Terry along with his sons Randy, Michael, Justin and Kilian Terry performed in front of the William H. Natcher Federal Courthouse in Bowling Green Tuesday morning in the rain.

Randall Terry said he’s happy to have played in support for both Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump.

“It’s a debt of honor for us to support Mitch because he’s helped President Trump. We wanted to just say ‘hey Mitch, we love you and we’ve got your back. We hope you get reelected,’” Randall said.

The rock-based campaign isn’t the only unique aspect of this effort. With the exception of their father, the members are all teenagers, and guitarist Michael Terry said this in of itself brings a lot of attention to their cause.

“We do it in a way that’s not exactly common. Plus, we’re all a bunch of teenagers and that’s different. I don’t know of any other teenagers that are getting out and sending any message in politics,” Michael said.

In addition to the message, it’s all about bettering themselves as musicians.

“Learning to play music is a skill that many people later in life say ‘I wish I played guitar,’ or ‘I wish I played piano,’” drummer Justin Terry said.

As far as campaign tools, the band looks forward to using music to reach people in different ways.

“Music reaches into the heart. If we can get into people’s hearts with our musical message, maybe we can help get righteous people into office,” Randall said.