Teranga Academy refugee students have first ever ‘sorting ceremony’

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Earlier today, eager students at Teranga Academy found out what houses they are going to be in at their sorting ceremony!

Each of the kids are placed into four houses for small group activities and competitions throughout the school year. 

The houses are based on Harry Potter names: Phoenix, Centaur, Griffin and Chimera. 

Each child made their way to the stage to proudly say their name, before being told which house they will be in. 

“They were a little nervous about what to do and saying their name in the microphone but we wanted them to say their name loud and proud and be proud of where they’re from and proud of the name their parents gave them, so when they say that and they’re split up in their houses and they’re cheering for them, they’re just so excited,” said music teacher Kelley Whiggins. 

There will be about 100 kids enrolled in Teranga Academy for this school year. The first day of school is Tuesday.