Tech Toys Take Over

Some newly-announced toys are already sold out through the holidays! NBC's Liz McLaughlin reports on the hottest toy trends including Tesla Hot Wheels, Alexa-enabled playsets and the new explosion of "Baby Yoda" products.

(NBC News) — Some highly-anticipated toys coming out later this year, and many of them are already selling out through 2021.

A variety of Baby Yoda merchandise is launching, including an animatronic toy from Hasbro. Pre-orders already sold out through the holidays.

Also selling out: a new Tesla Cybertruck from Hot Wheels.

Those are part of many announcements at the recent Toy Fair in New York.

Coding Critters won a Toy of the Year Award at the trade fair. It’s one example of a wider trend of using physical toys to teach STEM concepts.

Toys without screens can be high-tech as well, including new robots such as the MIP ARCADE with gesture sense technology.

Another hot-selling Baby Yoda item is the child figure from Funko Pop. It’s already Funko’s top-selling toy ever, and it doesn’t even come out until May.

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