Tech Talker: Last Minute Gifts

Still searching for last minute holiday gifts? NBC's Liz McLaughlin has suggestions.

(NBC News) — We’re in the final stretch for holiday shopping, but there’s still time to pick up gadgets for budget-friendly stocking stuffers.

Prices have been dropping on voice-enabled products.

“A lot of these smart devices and even smart plugs are coming down well under the $10.00 price point even,” notes Suzanne Kantra of Techlicious.

Stocking-sized speakers are also popular this year.

JBL has new palm-portable models under $30, the Go-3 and Junior Pop for kids.

Solarbots are another option for the little ones on your list. They’re cute robots that can teach kids about solar energy, and are less than $15.

For a very last minute present, skip the wrapping with the gift of a new skill.

Photography classes are particularly popular this year, according to The Strategist.

“The Art of Street Photography” course from Magnum Photos is one they recommend.

“People who’ve taken it have called it one of the more motivating classes that actually gets them on their feet and engage in the subject matter,” says The Strategist’s Anthony Rotunno.

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