SUNRISE SPOTLIGHT – Girl Scouts of America

On today’s edition of Sunrise Spotlight, brought you by German American Bank, we met with Ginny Phfol. Ginny is scout leader of local Girl Scout Troop 2898 of Bowling Green and came to tell us about a local event. A free camp and recruitment activity is happening this Saturday, November 19th at Houchens Program Center. This event will be from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM and is perfect for those interested in joining in any way. This event isn’t only for potential scout members but for folks who want to be leaders too. They have tons of activities planned for the day like nature hikes, slingshots, crafts and rock painting just to name a few.

This event is completely free and perfect for any young girl or parent thinking of joining the Girl Scouts. To learn more information about the event, you can click here.