Students celebrate Constitution Day and win in Quiz Bowl

September 17th is also known as Constitution Day.

On this day in 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution in Philadelphia.

That’s why every year at SKYCTC, a battle of the minds is held to see who knows the most about the Constitution.

Students, or professors?

To find out, students and professors gathered on campus for the 5th annual Constitution Quiz Bowl.

Before today, the students had won 3 of the 4 Quiz Bowls.

Earlier this morning they looked to come out on top for a 4th win.

The Quiz Bowl challenges both students and professors on what they know about the Constitution.

Two professors and two students represented their demographic today.

The last question was a wager points question which the students got right, giving them a 6-2 victory.

This makes it their 4th win out of 5 Quiz Bowls.

However, today wasn’t just all about winning.

Instead, it was about reminding students of what the Constitution means for them.

"It was also about encouraging them to take advantage of their rights," says Barry Kennedy, Associate Professor of History.

Today’s competition was all in good fun and the questions were challenging for both sides.

The group of students consisted of two history classes.

The pair of professors consisted of a History and English professor.

They coordinated it this way, hoping to make it fair to the students.

In the end, they evidently didn’t need the help.