Students and staff of the Metcalfe County Schools show appreciation to veterans

EDMONTON Ky.-Thursday was veterans’ day, where the country a step back and show appreciation to those who have and are serving the nation. A local school district spent the morning doing just that.

The Metcalfe County Schools had students gather for the Veterans Day program. The morning started at Metcalfe County Elementary, where the children held up their posters and flags proud and displayed appreciation for the veterans in attendance.

The event was originally scheduled to be a drive thru salute and ceremony at the flagpole but was moved to the gym due to incoming bad weather. The event also included the performance of patriotic songs by students.

1st grade teacher Lauri Perkins says it’s important that the children know why we show appreciation to those serving.

“I think it’s very important that students understand the sacrifices that our armed forces make each and every day. We’ve been so blessed to live in this country, and our veterans have done so much for us. So much of what we have is due to veterans and their service,” Perkins said.

The event continued at Metcalfe County High School, where veterans spoke on their service, and the Metcalfe County hornet band performed patriotic pieces as well.

“It’s nice to see positives and it’s nice to see enthusiasm and high response from the kids. It’s just awesome, and I’m really blessed and pleased to be part of this,” said Will Lagermann from American Legion Post 65.

The day was topped off with a brunch at the Metcalfe County Middle School cafeteria.