Stretch it out Bowling Green!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A new wellness spot has opened up in town to help out those who may have some mobility issues.

Franchise spot Stretch Zone has come to Bowling Green, a place where certified employees, most who have some sort of background in kinesiology, sports, or exercise science, stretch your muscles while you relax on the table.

Stretching is largely important for health and it’s not just for athletes and gym enthusiasts, it’s beneficial just for daily life activities. Dr. Rachel Tinius, a professor in the exercise science major at WKU said “people want to play with the grandkids, run out in the yard, you know get their own groceries take care of them selves. Proactively stretching helps with mobility and mobility is key for for those types of activities.” 

Tinius revealed that musculo-skeletal peak performance is from around age 25 to age 30 but there’s no such thing as being too late to start bettering yourself.

At Stretch Zone, Jordan Green, general manager,  graduated with a degree in exercise science and for the past 7 years has worked as a personal trainer. He along with Tinius who is an avid runner, knows the benefits of stretching when it comes to exercise and every day life.

In his interview with News 40, he says the business so far has seen “athletes come in wanting to get back to where they were” and  “just people that are working every day and have a lot of stress in her neck upper back area”. 

Green also added that he and the rest of the staff are wanting to “get the older community back to that enjoyment we want to get that younger community to where they never lose out on it” when it comes to just daily activities like playing around with the family and sports.

Stretch Zone is open 6 days a week by appointment on Fairview Ave. You can call them at 270-283-5504 or look them up at