Emergency management talks storm preparedness

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Severe weather is a challenge that many of us have to withstand, and in Kentucky, we have come to know that firsthand this past year.

Ronnie Pearson, the Director of Emergency Management for Warren County and Bowling Green, said that planning was everything in his interview with News 40.

“What are you going to do as a family? If you’re in school or at work, where will you all meet, how will you get in contact with each other?” he said.

Pearson advocated heavily for disaster kits, which could be totes or backpacks with essential items you might need if there were prolonged power outages or you were unable to receive outside help.

“December 11 changed that perspective, now the neighbors who lived next door to the house that’s gone realize that could be them.” Pearson said, adding that their mission is to keep everyone informed on potential emergency situations and advise on best practices.

Director Pearson also mentioned that weather radios would be a good Christmas gift this year, being that they’re cheap and can really improve your chances of preparedness for severe weather.