STEAM classes in our local schools making strides

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If you didn’t catch the update like many, they’ve added an A to STEM.

STEAM is becoming a big deal in public schools and it’s something that students look forward to. With technology advancing daily, STEAM classes are a big help in getting school age kids tech savvy and break outside the box.

Scott Johnson, STEAM teacher at Red Cross Elementary in Barren County is one educator who is a firm believer that STEAM helps impart critical tools. The subjects in STEAM are concepts explored daily through things like video games and general problem solving skills, with Johnson saying that learning doesn’t stop when you get home.

Johnson said to News 40 in an interview that there are homes being 3D printed these days, using the same software the kids are being exposed to in class.

Warren County Public Schools is doing the same with their “212 academy”. Stephanie Beason, a teacher with WCPS said she enjoys teaching STEAM because it offers the kids real world knowledge, and the academy gives the kids opportunities to really explore their passions.