Spring allergies are back again

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Dr. Suman Shekar, an M.D. at Med Center Health offered some advice on how to control your hay fever.

With plant life blooming left and right this time of year, Dr. Shekar reaffirmed that not everyone is the same. Shekar said allergies can be mild, moderate or severe and that calls for different treatments. According to the doctor, mild allergies can be solved with an over-the-counter drug such as Bendaryl or Allegra as well as somewhat alleviate moderate. Severe, she said, would be referred to a specialist.

Shekar said some things you can do to help keep irritation down from that annoying pollen would be to use a “nasal wash” of some sort, or a netti-pot to clear out any left over allergen in your nose. The doctor also recommended showing and changing clothes as soon as you get home. Also maintaining a healthy diet can help keep the sniffles down, she said Omega-3s are known to combat the immune responses to the pollen.