Space heater safety during cold weather



BOWLING GREEN, Ky-Now that temperatures are taking a tumble, furnaces, fireplaces and space heaters have all been put to use over the last couple of weeks. But with the convenience of space heaters comes a risk-a risk of house fires.

Chief Bob Skipper of the Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department, says the risk of starting a fire can be reduced by turning off space heaters when they’re not being used and by never leaving them unattended. Children and pets should never be left alone with the heaters. He also advised positioning them away from any material that can catch fire, such as clothing or chemicals and keep the cords off the floor where people can trip over them. Skipper also advised being careful about placing throw rugs over cords since that can cause them to fray, making them an even bigger fire danger.

Chief Skipper tells WNKY News there have been few calls so far this season for fires related to the use of space heaters, but the heating season has just started and so has the need for increased attention when space heaters are being used.