Southcentral Veterinary Services honored as Senate Small Business of the Week

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Senator Rand Paul recognized Southcentral Veterinary Services as a U.S. Senate Small Business of the Week. 

Originally given the award in August of 2021 but recognized in person today due to the pandemic, Southcentral has been keeping our community’s pets healthy since 2011. 

Veterinarian Dr. Eddy Grimes went to Warren East High School, then attended Western Kentucky University for undergrad, and went to veterinary school at Auburn University. He decided to come back to his hometown to start his practice and raise a family. 

“I think supporting local businesses and people who grew up here, I’m sure they probably have people who bring their pets who they want to high school and college with and friends of their kids,” said Sen. Paul. 

“I’ve known ever since I went to med school that I wanted to start a practice of my own and even the manner I wanted to do it in. We started the practice from scratch, we didn’t have a single client when we opened our doors and that’s what I wanted. Because I wanted to build something that was mine,” said Dr. Grimes. 

Businesses are selected by the Senate based on recommendations.