South Warren Spartans prep for Saturday’s State Football Championship

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Thursday afternoon, the Spartans got in one of their last practices before their big championship game.

Head Coach Brandon Smith said his boys don’t dare underestimate battling the Broncos.

“It’ll be the most difficult game that we’ve played, but you know they’re preparing like they’re supposed to be preparing,” said Smith.

Seniors Caden Veltkamp and Tyler Snell were on the team to witness the last championship win three years ago.

Veltkamp said, “That’s gonna be awesome, you know, just getting back after three years; it’s gonna be a great experience.”

Snell added, “Freshman year, they had a lot of talent and they were really hard working. We’re just trying to take after that class.”

The boys said going in with one loss this year against a powerhouse school sets a whole new playing field this year.

“That one loss that we had in the year, it kind of shaped us,” said Veltkamp. “2018, we went in undefeated so it’s a little bit different. We’re playing a team that we kind of expected to be here, so we’ve got to finish it off for it to be perfect.”

Coach Smith said, “They kind of have a little sense of finality to everything. So, there’s a lot of emotions involved, but they’re doing a really nice job. They’re handling it really maturely.”

Proud Booster Mom Courtney Goodwin will be one of the many fans traveling this Saturday.

“They’re focused,” said Goodwin. “They’ve always been focused since they were seven years old. They’re just that type of team. So, we’ve been waiting a long time to see them get here.”

Goodwin said her son, Zackery Goodwin, was one of those starry eyed 7-year-olds.

“Many of them have played together since they were in elementary school,” she said. “They’ve been talking about [their last championship] since they were little. It’s the final hoorah that says they did it.”

Hundreds of students are planning to load up on school busses and make the drive to Lexington.

The Spartans want their community there for their final game.

“It’s a once in a lifetime thing for these guys and the school,” said Coach Smith, “and if you can make the drive make the drive, come out.”

Kentucky’s Class 5A team will take on the Frederick Douglass Broncos Saturday 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.