South Florida Braces For Isaias

Communities are making preparations for the possible effects of Hurricane Isaias, currently predicted to strike the east coast later this weekend. WPTV's Todd Wilson reports.

(WPTV/NBC News) — South Florida communities are bracing for the possible effects of Hurricane Isaias.

Mark Stanek worked Thursday to secure his boat docked in Briny Breezes.

“I brought some extra material to help strap her down, so she won’t go anywhere,” Stanek said.

He said he usually would pull his boat out of the water, but he is not taking that approach for this storm.

“This time, I don’t think it’s going to be that bad,” Stanek said.

On land, Chris Nagiewicz was going around the Briny Breezes Mobile Home Park on Thursday to help people secure their places.

“We started at 7 a.m., and we did about 10 places. We closed about 10 today,” Nagiewicz said.

He said he has 40 places to secure in such a short time frame.

“The problem with this storm is there is only two days notification. Most have a week, so this time I’m in a back rush,” Nagiewicz said.

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