South Central Workforce Development creates webcast to explain monthly workforce data

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The South Central Workforce Development Board has created a new web service.


The “Open Jobs Report: Analysis and Review” is a webcast service where monthly open and advertised job data for the region is analyzed and explained. 


Each month, Board staff will examine job data and will then share the information in a webcast form so that viewers are able to not only see the numbers but get an explanation of what it means.


The data collected is from Jobs EQ, which is a software service that helps identify unique workforce characteristics such as industry trends, demographic details, targeted occupation data and labor market information. 


“It is important to understand the positions that are being advertised in our region,” Board President and CEO, Dr. Robert Boone stated in a release. “Such an understanding is foundational to our organization as we help prepare the workforce for current and future market demands.”


To view the webcast visit