South Central Kentucky Cultural Center hosts World War 2 event this weekend

GLASGOW, Ky. – The South Central Kentucky Cultural Center honors local veterans who served in World War 2.

“We have done lots of research from newspapers, from letters that we’ve received and donations. The whole idea is to try and tell the story of World War 2 in the Barrens, from the words of people who lived it as closely as we possibly can,” Sherry Wesley, a volunteer at the Center says.

The staff have put together binders of the names and stories of veterans from Allen, Barren, Metcalfe, Monroe & Hart Counties. They will be on display along with other artifacts from the wartime era.

“We have exhibits on the second floor in our gallery. They start with the beginning of the war and have some of the major battles and stories of the men from this area who were in those battles. And then we go all the way through the end of the war,” Wilmetta McPherson, another volunteer at the Center says.

The event came about because of one man’s donation of a pair of model planes.

“Mr. Kenneth Robertson came up, and he donated World War 2 model planes to the museum, and they were hung in the stairwell. His dream was that there would be a mural around those just supporting those planes,” Wesley says.

The Cultural Center staff are incredibly excited to honor these veterans and their stories.

“It’s an honor to be able to honor them and for the people to come and hear their stories and keep them alive. And it’s not just only Barren County. It’s the five county area, because we’ve got stories from all of the five counties. And it’s a significantly honors them and keeps their memories alive and tells their stories for history,” McPherson says.