Sneak Peek: “Kenan” Arrives On NBC

"Saturday Night Live" mainstay Kenan Thompson is now pulling double-duty. His new show "Kenan" debuts Tuesday. NBC's Mark Barger has a sneak peek.

(NBC) — “Saturday Night Live” mainstay Kenan Thompson is doing double duty these days, holding down his weekend job in Studio 8H, while debuting his new comedy, “Kenan” Tuesday night.

After 18 seasons on “SNL” it’s no surprise Kenan might have his own show one day, but what is surprising is his co-star: Don Johnson.

Johnson, who helped make “Miami Vice” TV’s coolest cop show of the 80s plays a hip grandad and live-in father-in-law helping the recently widowed Kenan juggle his career as a morning TV host while raising his two young daughters.

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