SKYCTC students share international holidays at Celebrations Around the World

Some of us will recognize Christmas on December 25th.

However, international families and college students will celebrate other holidays.

Some of those students are currently attending South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College.

Today, many of those students are educating others on their cultural holidays and foods.

From 10 AM to 2 PM, students put together presentation boards that educate on a holiday of their choosing.

This took place during the Celebrations Around the World campus event.

This event allows students to highlight international holidays, such as Kwanzaa, Guatemala’s Holy Week, Day of the Dead and more.

Aside from presentations, students also set out correlating dishes for students to eat or smell.

This campus event gives students the chance to get creative but also learn and appreciate the way other cultures celebrate their holidays.

For senior Alexa Perdue, this was for a class project.

However, she says partnering with someone of a different culture gave her a chance to grow her perspective.

Especially since she will eventually work with people who share those cultures.

This campus event is also taking place at the Glasgow Health campus, Transpark, and Franklin-Simpson Center.

Students also placed their name in a bucket after signing in to be eligible for a door prize.