SKYCTC introduces a new diesel technology program for this fall

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College is getting revved up for the introduction of a new program this fall.

The college will offer a diesel technology program at the Barren County Area Technology Center in Glasgow. This has sparked the interest of Dino Merdzic, the owner of Merdzic Truck Center in Bowling Green. Until now, he’s had to hire trained workers from other cities. He’s looking forward to that changing.

“We’re excited just to bring more of the local workforce here and to stop having to branch out from cities like Nashville and Louisville to bring people in. We’d rather work on local staff that we can pull in and just develop in their roles here,” Merdzic said.

SKYCTC’s class will be the only diesel technology program in the south central Kentucky area. Good news for local businesses, and instructor Doyle Howard, who said it’s essential to get a younger generation involved in diesel repair work.

“We have to replace 20% of the diesel repair people because of the baby boomers leaving. The lack of experience, training, that’s why it’s so important,” Howard said.

As a mechanic himself, Howard said he’s looking forward to getting the wheels turning on this venture.

“I get excited to see what I can take somebody from and give them all of my knowledge and experiences and see how hard they work to see what I can grow them to, and how good they do out in the field,” Howard said.

Merdzic said he’s glad those pursuing this career field won’t have to travel far to find work.

“It’ll give us a lot of options, also for them to further their careers here locally and not have to move away from their hometown, and also for us to make it easier to hire people and work with them here,” Merdzic said.