Single mother of two surprised with a car

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Bowling Green business spread joy to a deserving mother this afternoon.

A young mother dealing with car troubles while trying to make a life for her family was surprised with a fixed-up car.

Imagine you are driving down the road, pregnant with a 2-year-old in the back seat, and your car stops in the middle of the road.

That is what happened to Breanna Freeman multiple times.

“It’s a hit or miss. Are we going to make it or are we not going to make it? There was no making it anywhere. I made it outside of the front of Midas and said ‘alright. This is it’ so I pulled in, I walked in, I handed them the keys, and I said, ‘fix it,’” said Freeman.

The fix was over $2,000 and counting, an amount Freeman couldn’t afford.

Tony and Debbie McElhinny, the owners of Midas in Bowling Green, decided to do something special.

They teamed up with the Midas Spark Initiative and 1-800-Charity-Cars and surprised her with a 2006 Saturn Ion repaired and restored by the store with a new engine, transmission, brakes, tires and more.

“I can’t appreciate it enough. At the time I was trying to get my own place for my kids and I and work for a better life for us and it was like boom. Here is an issue with the car and I don’t even know exactly how to explain it. Just the thought of having one less thing to worry about. It was just a breath of fresh air,” said Freeman.

McElhinny says he and his wife were overjoyed to do something to help Freeman out.

“To be able to have a dependable car to get to the store, go to school, go to work, doctors’ appointments what have you, just to live life, hopefully, this car will provide her that freedom that she was looking for. And we thought she was a perfect candidate for it. She’s a very hard-working mom that’s really trying to make her ends meet,” said McElhinny.

The Project Spark Program is a national initiative to help families, veterans and first responders.

Midas is providing the repairs, including parts and labors, for vehicles donated through 1-800-Charity Cars.