Simpson County schools purchase 120 Chromebooks for younger students

FRANKLIN Ky.- The Simpson County School District bought 120 Chromebooks – 60 for Simpson Elementary, and 60 for Franklin Simpson-Middle School.

In a Simpson County School District board meeting Nov. 19, the purchase of the Chromebooks was approved to better involve the young Wildcats in the changing world of technology.

“We’re continuing to try to increase the number of Chromebooks and technology within our district,” said Simpson County School District Superintendent Tim Schlosser.

The cost of the Chromebooks totaled at a little over $27,000. Around the globe, the internet and social media continue to play a vital role in life, which is why those on staff with the schools are excited for these new resources.

“They’ve given our students access to a 21st century technology that maybe they don’t have at home that they can get when they come to school here. It allows the teachers to provide the students with resources that they might not otherwise be able to provide them,” said Franklin-Simpson Middle School curriculum instruction assessment coordinator Derrick Perdue.

Whether it’s used for math or vocabulary, students say the new Chromebooks are a big help.

“It’s easier to do your work because you don’t have to write everything out,” said Franklin-Simpson Middle School seventh grader Jessie Clark.

With new Chromebooks, school staff said they’re confident that getting the younger students more in tune with technology will put them ahead of the game.

“We really are transitioning more from that paper pencil mentality to an everything goes online mentality. Giving access to the kids is a blessing,” Perdue said.