Simply Ramen relocating, looking for more team members

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-A local Bowling Green restaurant is looking to get a fresh new start, in more ways than one.

Simply Ramen which was located on Old Morgantown Road before closing down will soon have a new home. The new location will be 801 Campbell Lane.

According to owner Rob Sparkman, the original location would often get too crowded, and expanding that spot would have caused parking issues. The new location will feature a full bar table, a private room and more menu items. In addition to the new location, Sparkman is also looking for new team members as they get a fresh start.

Sparkman says he can’t wait to start serving customers in the new spot, and he’s looking forward to meeting a lot of new team members.

“This is exciting and it’s a big process. We’re thrilled to move to a new location. With a new location, we’re able to get our ramen to more customers, and more people are going to experience the luxury of ramen,” Sparkman said.

Sparkman says he’s estimating that the new location will be up and running by either the end of July, or early August.