Shop with a cop, Christmas time

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – At Bowling Green’s Meijer store, the Fraternal Order of Police hosted their second Shop with a Cop event of 2022.

FOP Bowling Green chapter president Robert Perry said to News 40 that the Christmas event was his favorite because the kids got to go around and buy whatever they want.

With the Christmas event, kids get $100 each to spend, but “of course, they’re mostly buying toys” Perry said.

Perry told News 40 that the FOP is a nonprofit organization that runs purely off volunteerism and community partnership, whose main mission is to just be a positive force in the community.

Perry said “We don’t just want people to see us when the police come to your door, obviously that’s a bad day. We want people to see us on a good day to let them know that’s not all we do.”